Rodarte makes handcrafty eco-fashion. Did you know that?

Ich fand einen interessanten Beitrag auf nice white lady. Es geht um Rodarte. Wußtet ihr, daß ihre Mode nicht nur schön sondern auch ökologisch freundlich produziert ist? Die beiden Schwestern von Rodarte verwenden Hanf und andere Stoffe, färben mit ökologisch unbedenklichen Farben, produzieren in Kalifornien.
So weit, so gut. Leider scheinen sie ihre Arbeitsweise, die ja Vorbildwirkung haben könnte, nicht in ihrem Marketing an die große Glocke hängen zu wollen. Ist es so schlimm, als ökofreundliches Label bekannt zu sein?

I found an interesting post on nice white lady . I took some passages:
..." Natalie Portman's pink gown was mady by Pasadena design team Rodarte. Rodarte (sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy) is already making a name for itself for sophisticated, hand-crafted styles. ....
Rodarte presents an interesting category of eco-fashion. They are less focused on materials -- they do use hemp blends and environmentally-friendly dyes, but they don't lead with that story in their marketing. Instead, they emphasize process and handwork. In an interview with Treehuggers Emma Grady, Kate Mulleavy explained Rodarte's environmental efforts:

  1. From within our company, we have set up a means to recycle all paper and plastic items. We have chosen to use canteens and glasses, instead of bottled water.
  2. The hand detailing, beading, embroidery, pinning,sewing, and cutting of our clothing allows for us to produce our garments without industrial waste or exhaust.
  3. Dyeing: our dyeing is a key element to our collection. We have chosen to use a beautiful dyeing process that can only be done on natural fibers. The process allows for our colors to be clear, and pure. This dyeing process is very much a dying art. It is done with all environmentally friendly pigments and without harsh chemicals and without producing industrial waste.
  4. We privilege craft and technique over mass production, large quantities, and gratuitous waste.
The result is clothing which looks gorgeous, stylish and expensive but not overtly "green"...."

In my opinion it would be very important to express a label´s green attitude. It shouldn´t be hidden as if you have to be ashamed for your eco-friendly work.
Our present and future needs a clear focus on working ecologically and socially friendly. What do you think?


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