green fashion- Enamore from Great Britain

Enamore aus Großbritannien ist berühmt für seine kecke, nostalgische, grüne Lingerie und Kleidung. Anbei ein Interview mit der Designerin Jennifer Ambrose.

Months ago I found the charming fashionlabel ENAMORE from Great Britain. Delicate lingerie, nostalgic dresses and more....and green!

Your name: Jennifer Ambrose
Your personal style?
I wear a mixture of clothing I make for myself, pieces I have bought from other eco designers [like Amoosi and Goodone] and also a lot of pieces [mixture of vintage and second hand] that I buy in Charity shops, vintage markets and from ebay. During the week I am quite casual as I work from home, but when I go out or to events, I like to look like a lady, usually in some peep toe heels and a lovely vintage inspired dress.
What´s enamore? Lingerie/ Street fashion/ Pret a porter?
Enamore started as a small clothing label, then added lingerie two years into the business. The lingerie sales have exceeded the clothing, so we are actually probably more of a lingerie brand than anything else. It has taken a few years to discover our true identity, but I think to sum it up Enamore is a unique brand of vintage inspired fashion and lingerie made from sustainable fibres.
How would you describe your look?
A pinch of classic, dash of retro and spoonful of gorgeous.
Which materials do you use?
We use a mixture of fabrics including vintage/reclaimed prints, hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, Tencel, silk and wool. We are also looking at modal for our next collection.
Are you satisfied with your business sucess? Is it easy to sell organic fashion?
Things have moved forward a lot since our launch in 2004 with a small clothing range. I would say that the public are more receptive now than ever before. I think it's hard to be in business when you are trying to do things more ethically as it usually costs a little more and you have to think about everything you do more carefully. I don't think the rag trade in general is easy for anyone!
Where are the people from who buy your fashion? From Britain or from abroad?
To date most of our business has been in the UK, but lately we are recieving more orders from Europe and further abroad. I think that we will see a lot more growth in Europe over the next few seasons, as the Euro and GPB are so close making our designs affordable to more nations. Our styles can suit a lot of different women and we have had amazing feedback from our customers all over the world!
Do you present on fashion fairs?
We have participated in the Clothes Show, London Fashion Week and Pure to date.
What are your plans for the future?
We are going to be focusing our wholesale distribution exclusively on our lingerie range for 2010. We are currently developing underwire bras and a more extensive lingerie range. We will still be offering 'made to order' clothing directly from our website as we have a lovely customer following who wear our dresses!

Thank you, Jennifer!
credit: enamore


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