Independent Handbag Design Awards- Best green handbag

Unfortunately my favourite kontiki didn´t win.

But congratulations to Andres Stickney from DRES

Bag Born: 2009

Envirotech Recycled Tire Rubber Clutch with Re-Used Lion Head Drawer Pull. This new styles is 10 1/2" wide and 5 1/2" high. All hardware is re-used. 1/2" 100% hemp webbing is used inside to support the rubber and strengthen the stitching.

q: What is your bag made out of?:
a: Envirotech Recycled Tire Rubber Fabric, Re-Used Metal Hardware, and 100% Natural Color Hemp Webbing.

q: What made you decide to create a "Green Bag"?:
a: I have been looking for a recycled rubber product and only recently discovered Envirotech on the internet. Their awesome invention inpired me to make this clutch.

q: Where are you bags made? Are they made by hand or manufactured?:
a: I make all these clutches. The material is difficult to sew and work with. I hand finish each style.

q: Where are bags sold?:
a: This style is brand new.

q: What is your design philosophy?:
a: Less is more.

pictures and words by The Third Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards


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