umweltfreundlich drucken-AirDye can be used to print everything

You can choose from differnet shapes and patterns
I recently found Julianne Applegate at Ecouterre. She is a wellknown designer and quite a long time in designing business. This year she started her own label to combine her way to design with the idea of a "green and sustainable production". She designs bags and more by recycling fabrics and using organic fabrics as well. For her products at JulieApple, her own label,  she uses the new Air dyeing technique ( heat-transferring the dyes from the paper to the surface of the fibers at a molecular level). Applying color in this way  uses 90 percent less water than conventional methods! “To create great, green design, you must have inspiration, skill, and the right materials,”(words on Ecouterre)  And she says that the only way to make design nowadays is the green way.

Wie auch normalsterbliche Designlabels diese neue umweltfreundliche Drucktechnik verwenden könnten, werde ich noch recherchieren. JulieApple´s Produktpalette lebt aber auf jeden Fall von diversen Mustern, die man sich aussuchen kann. Die Formen sind klar und die Taschen sehen praktisch aus. Dieses "customizing" ist charmant. Stay tuned!

picture: JulieApple
via: Ecouterre


Robin Bertelsen hat gesagt…
Thanks for mentioning AirDye! We love working with Julieapple, her creativity and passion for sustainability is inspiring.

AirDye is also working with other designers and lines including: A Lot To Say, Costello Tagliapietra and Argenti.

Thanks again for the mention!
Fr.Jona&son hat gesagt…
Oh, thanks for commenting!
I send you an e-mail. I have got some questions!

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