Costello Tagliapetra aw2011

I start posting vivid fashion pics again. Yes, time doesn´t stand still. There are design labels all around the worlds which should be shown. High Fashion, bright colours, elegant, interesting, eye and heart attracting shapes.

Like New York label Costello Tagliapetra.The two designers behind,   Jeffrey Costello and  Robert Tagliapetra, run their label since 2005. During the last years they created a quite timeless look, I would say. Feminine, elegant, working with drapings and sfabric surface. They have integrated eco-friendly techniques like colouring their collection by AirDyeing. More details to their eco mission I will be adding.

Quite refreshing:their own look, own style. Surprisingly Anti-Glamour. Quite the opposite to sexy Marc Jacobs and his colleagues.

Both learned tailoring by their grandmoms

Costello Tagliapetra is also know for its creations for celebs like Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Patti Springsteen, Madonna and more.

Inspirations for this collection: Seventies housewifes and women in general, so they say, getting self-confidence and independence. A bit Jaclyn Smith, I think.

pictures: internet sources


michaela hat gesagt…
die beiden erinnern mich optisch ein bisschen an walter van beirendonck...
Fr.Jona&son hat gesagt…
ja, auf jeden fall rustikal.

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