Reese Witherspoon and her Chloe Python bag

Poor celebrities....Reese Witherspoon, famous U.S. American actress, was watched wearing a Chloe Python bag.
 a short time ago- picture
That caused an attention she didn´t expected. Since python leather products are banned since the 1970s in California, the blonde actress may be unaware or ignorant of the cruelties snakes have to suffer- when they are skinned when they are still alive.

CHLOE and its cruelty bags...
Wearing 4000 dollar bags- whether they are from everybodies darling CHLOE( except the eco ethical fashion scene) or not-doesn´t  defend you from thinking a bit about your consuming habits. The Animal Rights Association, PETA,  sent her a shocking video about the production of snake skin hosted by actor Joaquin Phonix just to make her a bit more knowing and hopefully aware. Just to be worth it to be owner of the PETA title world's sexiest vegetarian.

Witherspoon reacted some hours ago. She will give her bag up, she told PETA. 

PETA will send her flowers for that fast and positive reaction.

WHAT? Flowers for an incorrect behaviour? I am just wondering....actors and actresses have a lot to do with fashion, accessories and lifestyle. So, couldn´t they be more informed and interested in ethical fashion?Doing and wearing ethical produced goods?And- poor Reese - what do you do now with your cruelty-bag?

And CHLOE -it would be really nice when you started an ethical production to be worth of being a Musthave-brand.

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