IT´S HOPELESS/ handmade VINTAGE inspired lingerie from australia

HOPELESS- what a name- creates sexy lingerie for three years. it reminds me of old movies.this underwear made in australia makes me nearly happy.  good fabrics- unfortunately not organic- but maybe it will. 
and the shapes... wonderful. for  women. Found on Etsy.

Ich versuchte diesen Tüllstoff zu finden...diesen typischen. Aber leider war mir bislang das Glück nicht hold. Wer Tipps für mich hat, wo es weichen Tupfentüll zu kaufen gibt, verrate es mir.
I AM LOOKING FOR THAT FABRIC- sheer flocked polka dot fabric.


MateaTPol hat gesagt…
oh thats really hard to finde, this summer i was looking for material like this but only white . and I didnt found anywhere!
Fr.Jona&son hat gesagt…
oh really? please let me know when you find that material!

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