Valentina Delfino and Missy Pile at the Oscars

Credit: Getty Images
"All the world is watching this red carpet,"

 "And as artists, I believe it is our job to show the world that we not only care about creating incredible art, but that we are mindful of the fact that, in doing so, we can make something beautiful that is also sustainable. ...." words from the Examiner.

Manche Stars haben den Roten Teppich als Möglichkeit genutzt, ein wenig Eco Chic zu zeigen. Missy Pile in einem Kleid von Valentina Delfino(dieses Kleid trug den Sieg bei Red Carpet Green Dress-Wettbewerb davon, den die Frau von Regisseur James Cameron, Suzy Amis Cameron, begründet hat. 


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