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Bedeutet wearable technology. Designer Wolfgang Langeder hat in enger Zusammenarbeit mit dem Berliner Fraunhofer Institut diese Vision verwirklicht. Smart textiles verbunden mit praktischem Nutzen und Design. Dafür erhielt utope schon Preise- wie auch den red dot design award 13.  Great.
Facts to Utope:

Utope is a company/ brand creating smart clothing.
It is founded/ owned by Wolfgang Langeder and based in Linz/ Austria.
The company is specialized on the development of smart clothing/ wearable electronic design products.
Utope works in cooperation with Fraunhofer IZM/ stretchable circuits in Berlin. Both Partners have joined forces since January 2010 to create innovative smart clothing items. The brand called Utope includes a menswear collection of cutting edge design pieces, merging our time`s most innovative technologies with elements from sportswear and traditional menswear clothing.

What kind of products do you have ?
We do have a collection of smart urban wear and accessories for men including different interactive and intelligent functions.

The products are high-tech design pieces for everyday use.
You can wear them in the office or on the bike, on a journey around the world or just at home in your private oasis.

They are inspired by good old sartorial artisanry and in contrast to that by nature and hybrid shapes and functionalities. Therefore, they are comfortable to wear and very well adapted for our dynamic and mobile way of living.

Sporty Supaheroe Jacket 01 is the first wearable electronic device in the collection. This jacket is equipped with our wearable electronic system including LED´s and sensors and it is focused on increasing the visibility and safety of its wearer in the dark.

Further pieces include smart functionalities, which are common in sportswear, like high flexibility, breathability or body climate/ temperature regulation.

And some of the designs are made of traditional materials with "ancient" intelligent functional

Wolfgang in seinem Atelier.


Crowdinvesting hat gesagt…
Wirklich eine tolle Idee so Gewand mit Technik zu verbinden. Da in Zukunft sowieso alles auf "Smart" springen wird ist das nur der nächste logische Schritt auch Kleidung "smarter" zu machen und einen Nutzen daraus ziehen wird.

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