2017- Project One- Kitchen Remodeling #1

Ich habe beschlossen, meine Posts in Englisch zu schreiben- zur Übung und für ein größeres Forum. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr mir weiter folgt. Dazu erweitere ich mein Spektrum auf den Bereich Wohnen, aus aktuellem Anlass. I decided to write in English again, for practise and to spread my ideas a bit more :-), so you are invited to follow.

What are your plans for 2017? My first project is an exciting one, we will renew our kitchen!
The situation: big farmhouse, living area rebuilt in the 1970s with all typical materials and styles of this decade. Bright coloured tiles, green-greyish kitchen. Plastic materials and very longlasting, you know. But now we will start our first big remodeling theme in this house, I am so happy💗 and want to share our progress for our memory and for inspiration, if you like. How to create a new kitchen with old elements, reusing wood, using vintage and new elements and combining all together...

That´s the situation now:
The colours are not exactly like they are in real, blame it on this winter afternoon.
Orange-red tiles, big pattern, grey-green cabinets.

The big plus of this not very sunny-northwestern house side- the wonderful view- landscape, fields, nothing more...

We want: more light, vintage, rustic, organic and industrial elements, wood, black, white, grey, mint. And an open space. But first of all, we have to make a lot of mess :-). Here one of my countless inspiration moodboards I collected and put together the last weeks, thanks to Pinterest and all the creative people who share their ideas.

So, the kitchen will be a wooden one, but the rest....we will see :-)


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