Kitchen Remodeling #2- Colour love

This week was filled with dust, heavy weights, carrying a lot of stuff from one point to another, being full of dust everywhere- my hair desperately need an eye-oil-package....but.... the first results are really inspiring and encouraging. To see a room without any furniture of the last decades stuffing/blocking the space, it´s like a breeze of fresh air is floating around. But let´s start with the ugly pictures...

We started on Monday. Old tiles removed and they didn´t want to be removed....., cabinets removed, wall nearly removed, new eletric cables installed,wall repaired, journeys to lamp showrooms, Ikea and other interior shops, searching the Internet for inspiration and colour ideas, looking for the perfect seats and lamps and so on...

and today at the end of the working day we coloured the walls!

One of them got a vibrant petrol shade, we painted....slowly and careful...avoiding a wrong brush stroke... listening to wonderful classical music- Arvo Pärt and Richard Strauss.After some dicussions we chose my favourite colour and ......yes....I am really satisfied. One wall, but what will be possible.

Ne, exciting colour combinations, a refreshment for the whole kitchen and our way of seeing our home, delightful meals and cooking with friends.....

Our powerful workshop radio wears his best petrol :-) perfect match

Here is the link to that wonderful music we listened to this afternoon. 
The  "Vier letzte Lieder" by Richard Strauss. And "Fratres" by Arvo Pärt.
Bye, says a tired ad happy Frau Jona&Son


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