2017- Project One- Kitchen Remodeling #3- READY!!!

One month ago we started our Project Kitchen Remodeling, can you remember? The situation: a 1970s kitchen with the typical ingredients. It was a lot of work but we finally did it.This is what it looks like today.Tatatataaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

The kitchen is from Ikea, called Torhamn, made of solid ash.
Dark-grey countertop. White tiles.

Just to remind you of the past look:
It is amazing how inspiring transformations are. The kitchen was built for smaller people, with the taste and Zeitgeist of the Seventies. That´s okay, my mother in law who lives in our farmhouse, too, remembered the works on her kitchen, the joy she felt when choosing these bright coloured tiles "just to get colour in the room". She was sentimental but who couldn´t understand? Now we have built our kitchen the way we like. How we are. Natural, a bit Vintage, a bit industrial, clear and focussed. Here are more pictures.
I hope you enjoy them.

So, in detail:
Now I am able to create nice scenery pictures like this :-)
We broke down the wall and created a kitchen island. The room widened immediately and although this room is located in the northwest, it has become a light room. Okay, you can´t compare it with a southern room. The kitchen light above the island is made by my really talented husband. We were inspired by a lamp we saw on Pinterest.

My husband loves porcelain kitchen sinks, so we have one :-)
The wonderful wall colour is a dark teal shade.

 Snake Plant and Kentia Palm well-known for their air-purifying abilities.

Still-Life in Blue-Green with Vintage tea-pots.

Products we used:
IKEA: Torhamn kitchen, ash wood, Wood table Skogsta, Hektar Lamps, Porcelain sink
Floor: Vinyl by Tilo


Mami Made It hat gesagt…
Wow, echt fesch! Toll gemacht!
LG Petra
Lunia One hat gesagt…
Hi! it looks great! I wish there were more photos if tour kitchen :)

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