Kickstarter Kampagne für faire Produktion- Mark Baigent Fashion aus Wien

 Mark Baigent, bekannt für Kleidung, die gleichermaßen für Männer wie auch für Frauen tragbar ist, möchte seine faire Produktion ausbauen und die Firma, in der er auf Bali produzieren lässt, kaufen.

As most of you know i am based in bali since a bit over a year now and i produce my collections here.
For those of you who know me personally im sure you are aware that it is very important to me to produce in an ethical and fair way and stay as transparent as possible with how i produce.
Why? Because i see the future of fashion in helping others and having a relationship with the people who produce our clothes.

I started a KICKSTARTER campaign to help fund the money to buy into the factory and we have already reached 53% !

Please check out the Video and campaign and make a donation today!
any amount helps and any share is welcomed!

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