Lotta Jansdotter is seeking Textil Designers

Bild könnte enthalten: 1 Person, sitztThe fabulous textile designer Lotta Jansdotter, who is well know for her clear and scandinavian prints, posted this message yesterday:

"Lotta Jansdotter is looking for a Freelance , project based textile designer who would work closely with Lotta in developing seasonal print collections, portfolios and presentations .You would also work on design repeats, layouts & color work as well as product mock ups and overviews. Must have STRONG skill set in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator , working knowledge of cleaning , separating & creating repeats . Please send us your resume and portfolio to : lottajansdotter@gmail.com Tusen Tack !"

So, if you are a textile designer, just take your fabulous designs and contact her. Good luck! 

Jansdotter, who grew up on a small scandinavian island called Åland, is based in Brooklyn. She creates pattern for fabrics, tableware, paper and more. She wrote several books about printing, she gives workshops in Brooklyn and on this special island she comes from. I read an interview about her in the FLOW magazine last year.


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