Pompons and how you can use them

credit: Frau Jona&Son
I love pompons but I didn´t make any
one since yesterday. They are made easily, you just need cardboard and a fork, wool and scissors. I collected inspiring images of creative pompon using and want to share my sweet pompon creations, a bit rusty and indie but nevertheless beautiful. A sustainable and creative way of reusing wool remains, bringing humour and colour in your home and on your head or elsewhere. Be inspired!

And I hope to see some of your creations!

Temple & Webster's Hand Made Markets Christmas 2013, curated by @Jacqueline Fink. She says of @Anna Totten: "Anna makes the most exquisite pom poms I have ever seen. The difference between a beautiful pom pom and an ordinary one is in the quality of the wool used and the skillful choice of colour and it’s placement."
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Креативный декор свитера помпончиками / Свитер или кардиган: вторая жизнь / ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА
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Свитер с помпонами (подборка) / Свитер или кардиган: вторая жизнь / ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА
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Gear Up for Festival Season With This DIY Pom Pom Headband
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