How to make more out of your clothes- Strategy One

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Okay, but now back to the topic. How to make more of your clothes. Let´s start. 

How many pieces do you store in your closet?
How do you combine them?
And how many of them do you wear regularly?
More than 20 percent? Or less?

Atrévete a rediseñar tu vestuario
My book ReDesign in Spanish
Years ago when I was doing research for my book ReDESIGN*( available in German and Spanish), I was more than suprised to read of the 20 to 80 percentage, 20 percent wearing and 80 percent just hanging unused in the closet. What about you?

Reason 1: people don´t think and buy in outfits but in pieces and so more and more aliens stuff their closet, they are hard to combine with the rest. And- on the other hand- when they are buying additional clothes for the aliens, they stuff their closets more and more.

Strategy 1: Change your buying habits- think in outfits when you buy one piece. It should be compatible to more than 3 pieces. Add good basics.

Strategy 2: become more creative and brave when mixing your clothes.The people I met until now, think in very classical ways. They mix the shirt to that trousers, the stripes to the jeans, and so on. You know what I mean. I come for a Style coaching or a wardrobe check, I see their clothes and start mixing. Their reaction: " Oh, I never matched these pieces together. It is a question of daily routine, it is a question of interest in fashion and of understanding the potential of clothes for your self-experience and development. I has something to do with fashion knowledge, knowing what is going on in the fashionworld, knowing the zeitgeist without following him blindly.
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And while some people mix and match easily sneakers to evening dresses, zebra pattern with sportlook, other people struggle with colour families, matching red with pink, never combining sporty shoes to the rest of a daily outfit. The position to start is different and beneath fashionbloggers, influencers and style icons filmed during fashionweeks, which all in all just represent a little inspiring and crowd of unreal people, where do you stand?

What is your approach? What are clothes to you?
  • Fabrics to cover the body
  • Means of self-expression, fun, fantasy
  • nothing to think about
  • means of showing class, social group, a certain social level..... 
  • pieces which hide the unperfect body
Do you want to follow a new path of having fun with your body and with clothes?
Then visit my blog, read through my articles and wait for upcoming articles I am working on.

*P.S. My book ReDESIGN which show you how to deal with your wardrobe and present more than 40 creative projects for restyling clothes, is avaiable at Haupt Verlag, Bern( German) and Editorio Gustavo Gili, Barcelona(Spanish)



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